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Paul & Lesley are a couple fulfilling a dream. Currently cruising the Caribbean with plans to cruise the world in their 50 foot catamaran 'Suliere'.  With so much to see and do their strategy is to take a realistically flexible approach to cruising enabling them to make the most of each visit without  the need to comply to a rigid timetable.

Paul a retired Chartered Civil Engineer and very successful businessman who now has the time and inspiration to explore all that the world has to offer whilst cruising.

He is a qualified commercial skipper for power boats and after owning a number of such boats decided to change over to sail with Suliere - his first sailing boat. Still new to sail he combines his enthusiasm for video work with his new passion of cruising and exploring the world. 



Lesley  a Tai Chi Master Trainer who specialised in working with people with a multitude of challenges and has taught Tai Chi workshops around the globe.  With a strong sense of adventure and a passion for meeting people she has always wanted to explore as much of the world as possible and is acheiving this by fully embracing the cruising life.  As competent crew and most often the only crew onboard she takes a hands on approach to sailing aboard Suliere.

You will most often see Lesley in front of the camera lens as she meets different people and situations along the way.


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