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Suliere - The Boat

Suliere is our 50 foot St Francis Catamaran built in South Africa and commisioned in March 2010.

What's in a Name?
We are often asked what does the name "Suliere" mean - well it all started with our passion for an island that we have not to date had the opportunity to visit called 'St Kilda'. This remote island off Scotland has an incredibly interesting history that both captivated and intrigued us.  Islanders took advantage of the seabird breeding grounds on the steep rocky outcrops and cliffs surrounding the island.  Here they would capture Gannets, Fulmars and Puffins for food, feathers and oil, some of which they consumed themselves, the rest going to pay the rent.   What on earth has that got to do with the name Suliere? Let us explain -  the Cape Gannet is the logo for St Francis Marine who built Suliere and then it just so happened that whilst reading a book on St  Kilda, Lesley discovered that the St Kildan name for the Gannet was 'Suliere' meaning the keen eyed one.  The connection was made and after only two years of searching  we aptly named our new catamaran "Suliere" .

The Boat
Suliere, the most well fitted out boat that St Francis Marine have ever built with plenty of high tech gadgets from heat detection cameras to forward looking sonar and scuba compressor. Tailor built for Paul & Lesley the boat has been designed with in-boom reefing and many other aids to ensure that it's easy for two people to sail. A catamaran offers a large,  stable platform for video work and is spacious enough to provide a good homebase for exploring anywhere in the world.


Boat length 50 ft    Beam 26ft 3 inches    Draft 4ft 2 inches  Bridgedeck clearance 2ft 8 inches

Displacment 12.5 tons   Mast height off water 70 feet    Engines Twin 75 h.p. Yanmar

Mainsail 947 sq ft   Genoa 602 sq ft   Gennaker 1852 sq ft    Screecher 1120 sq ft

Fuel Capacity  1300 litres    Freshwater 1350 litres




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